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HD Planet Cameras is pleased to announce that we have several RED DRAGON-M and DRAGON-X packages available for rental across the country. Book fast as dates are sure to fill up quickly!

HDPC is a full service camera rental house serving the needs of filmmakers and other creative professionals since 2007. Home to over 15 complete RED EPIC packages, HDPC has a package to meet virtually any need/budget. In addition to the largest RED EPIC rental fleet in the United States, HDPC offers competitively priced Arri ALEXA rentals, Sony F55/F65/F3 rentals, RED ONE MX packages, as well as complete RED SCARLET-X setups. To meet the needs of independents and smaller budgets, we've added Sony FS700, Canon C300, and Blackmagic Cinema Camera packages. We are your #1 source for digital cinema camera rentals in the U.S. and abroad.

HDPC carries a full line of cinema lenses, available with or without a camera body. We have a wide variety of cinema glass and are proud to offer Zeiss Ultra Primes, Master Primes, Super Speeds, Standard Speeds, and Compact Prime CP.2's in addition to a full line of zooms including the Arri Alura 18-80mm t2.6, Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm t2.6, Optimo 17-80mm t2.2, Optimo 24-290mm t2.8, and Angenieux Optimo DP Rouge 16-42mm and 30-80mm. HDPC also has the full line of RED Pro Primes and the RED 18-50mm, 18-85mm and 50-150mm zooms available for rental.

RED Camera Rental

WHAT WE DO: HDPC is a dedicated full service RED camera rental facility, including top quality cinema lens rentals, filters and a wide variety of camera accessories and camera support gear. The products and manufacturers we represent are among the most well respected and recognized in the entertainment industry. We take pride in providing expert technical support, service and solutions. With over 17-years experience in the motion picture and television business, we are able to supply filmmakers and productions of all sizes with the HIGHEST QUALITY tools needed to get the job done!

DIT: The HDPC crew are DIT specialists with on set RED Rocket-X transcoding available. We have professional and knowledgeable camera crews available for hire and provide complete post work-flow for all your editorial needs.

HD Planet Cameras has the ability to ship cameras, lenses, and accessories nationwide, with or without a crew. Additionally, HDPC maintains strategic relationships across the country, with rental offices available in (or coming soon to):          

Los Angeles, CA   New York, NY     San Francisco, CA      
       Atlanta, GA              Seattle, WA         Orange County, CA
Houston, TX            Boston, MA         San Diego, CA
Las Vegas, NV           Little Rock, AR       
Miami, FL                New Orleans, LA