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Corporate Culture

As one of the earliest SOES that engaged in foreign trade, INSTRIMPEX, which commits itself to the import and export of machinery, electronic products and instruments, began its business in 1950, five years before its establishment. During the past 50 years, it has scored tremendous achievements and made great contribution to the development of China’s socialist cause in different historical times and has thus formed its enterprise culture and values which advocate perseverance and marching along with the trend of the times, and human-oriented management.  

Our spirits: Integrity, Devotion, Innovation, and Efficiency.

Integrity is our consistent management principle and is the basis for competition and development.

Devotion is a good tradition of hard struggle, and is a mirror of striving constantly for the better.

Innovation is at the heart of marching along with the trend of the times and is an engine for advancement.

Efficiency is our striving goal, which creates value and promotes pursuits for higher goals.

The core of our enterprise culture is marching along with the trend of the times, advocating human-centered values and practicing human-oriented management.

Marching along with the trend of the times means that we should adhere to the glorious tradition of hard struggle, unity and coordination and devotion, uphold the spirit of serving the market, braving competition with great initiative, and keep up with the pace of the times, making continued effort for innovation and for future success.

In the new century, by adhering to the good traditions of the past generations, INSTRIMPEX has made great headway in an all-round way. Marching along with the trend of the times is the soul of our reform and development; human-centered values means that we attach great importance to knowledge and talents; human-oriented management reflects our human-oriented values, and is an important guarantee for relying wholeheartedly on the employees and bringing forward the great initiatives of the employees.

The enterprise culture—— marching along with the trend of the times, upholding human-oriented values and practicing human-oriented management,fosters the continuous development of INSTRIMPEX, and has become a strong driving force for the hard work of INSTRIMPEX to build a brighter future.